For whatever reason, the masses seem to always be intrigued with the wealthy and very successful people of the world. Could be due to jealousy, could be just sheer entertainment. One thing is for sure, the interest grows even more when the wealthy individual comes from the same place as the person looking in. This could mean their city, province, country or even just North America as a whole. This may be because it feels like it is more attainable when the individual comes from more or less the same environment as you. While the star power may be a little brighter in the USA, Canada houses some of the most beautiful, lavish and mesmerizing landscape and views on earth. In that beautiful landscape you will also find some pretty extravagant neighbourhoods inhabited by some of the wealthiest people we have residing in our great country. Here are The Top 10 Wealthiest Neighbourhoods in Canada:

10 – Sunnyside & Edgehill, Westmount, Montreal

Average Household Net Worth: $10.5M

Average House Price: $2.85M

This is actually the priciest neighbourhood in Montreal with their average home price of $2.85M, however the second wealthiest in terms of Net Worth with a measly Average Household Worth of $10.5M.

Sunnyside Edgehill Westmount Montreal


9 – Kerrisdale Park, Vancouver, British Columbia

Average Household Net Worth: $10.87M

Average House Price: $1.88M

With great wealth comes very expensive hobbies, downhill skiing being very much one of them in this area. Although the Average home price is less than #10 on our list, we are ranking these neighbourhoods by Average Net Worth. This area is located less than 30 minutes driving to downtown Vancouver.

8 – Summit Park, Westmount, Montreal, Quebec

Average Household Net Worth: $10.896M

Average House Price: $2.695M

Located less than 20 minutes from Montreal.

Summit Park Westmount Montreal

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7 – Forest Hill South & UCC, Toronto

Average Household Net Worth: $11.53M

Average House Price: $3.5M

Great schooling and proximity to the heart of downtown Toronto are prime factors here. Upper Canada College is situated in the heart of this great neighbourhood. The average annual income here is over $600,000.

Forest Hill South Toronto Life

6 – Forest Hill (North), Toronto

Average Household Net Worth: $11.67M

Average House Price: $2.85M

The people in this neighbourhood have the highest average annual income of all the Ontario areas on this list (3rd in all of Canada) at $1.225M. This is almost double that of Forest Hill south only a handful of blocks south of here.

Ontario Forest Hill North Toronto

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Check back in tomorrow when we will be revealing the top 5 wealthiest neighbourhoods on this list. What do you think so far? What you expected?

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