Milton is a great place to live. Just ask the current residents of this Southern Ontario town; they’ll tell you that they love their community that has an urban body with a rural heart.

West of Toronto and a mere 20 minutes from Pearson International Airport, Milton is a modern treat for those who like big city living with a small-town feel. This town is an economic hub where industries such as automotive, advanced manufacturing and food production continue to prosper.

Speaking of prospering, if you’re about to buy a home in Milton, you may already be familiar with the area. You’ve no doubt looked at other homes before settling on your choice. You may have spoken to a broker, real-estate agent or financial consultant to help you understand the perfect mortgage package for you. Then you went home, looked at the pamphlets and papers you were given and say, “These numbers are surprisingly high.”

At The Financial Forum we know a thing or two about mortgages. Actually, we know more than two things about mortgages; we know everything about mortgages. We also know what it’s like to purchase a new home, we know how to deal with mortgage refinancing and renewal, and we even know about debt consolidation. We are a full-service company that offers you a connection to a better mortgage so you can start to see those numbers come down.

Like the fresh produce you get at the farmers’ market on Main Street in downtown Milton every Saturday in the summer and fall, The Financial Forum offers a fresh take on the mortgage industry. The bottom line is, we aim to get you a better rate and will not stop until we do.

Selecting the right home loan and financing platform can seem complicated. Whether you’re looking to buy a vacation home in Milton or add an addition to your existing home, we will do more than help, and we will ensure you understand the lending process so you never have to say, “These numbers are too high” again.

Since Milton is becoming one of the fastest growing communities in the Golden Horseshoe, real estate has become quite the hot topic. People are snapping up homes faster than you can say “Halton District School Board.”

With prestigious learning institutions, never ending green spaces, organized sports and recreation centres, and a Fall Fair that includes and demolition derby and agricultural show, Milton proposes the perfect milieu to raise a family.

When you are raising a family, you need to think about the future. Your home is one of your biggest assets and can be used as a tool to earn more equity. Through refinancing you can potentially send your kids to college. Or, perhaps you’ve sent three kids to college and need debt consolidation to prepare for your retirement. No matter where you live in Milton and what type of mortgage you’re looking for or what your monetary situation is, The Financial Forum is here for you.

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