Georgetown is a Community within the Greater Toronto Area, approximately 60 kilometers from Toronto. Officially, Georgetown is an area within the town of Halton Hills, which is part of the Regional Municipality of Halton.

The quaint community of Georgetown traces its roots back to 1818, when the British government began purchasing the land comprising Georgetown from the Mississauga first nation. Soon after, a man named George Kennedy acquired a parcel of this land from the British government. Kennedy went on to achieve success in business, founding and operating a successful mill. It was around 1837 when the area began to be referred to as Georgetown.

People continue to put down roots in Georgetown, with many new homes having been built over the past few decades. People are attracted to Georgetown due to its close proximity to Toronto and small town feel.

Georgetown and the surrounding areas are known for their scenic beauty. Halton Hills is situated on the Niagara Escarpment, and a sizable portion of its area has been designated as part of the Ontario Greenbelt – meaning that it’s designated greed space, protected from development. This means that Georgetown will have its natural beauty preserved for years to come.

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