The Financial Forum is proud to deliver mortgage brokerage services in Scarborough and the surrounding areas. Bordered on the south by Lake Ontario, Scarborough is a growing city with a population of just over 625,000 people. A popular destination for new immigrants to the country, Scarborough has become one of the leading multicultural cities in Ontario in recent years. The manufacturing sector is a large portion of the local economy and brings thousands to the city for work each year. This city’s thriving local economy and rich cultural makeup means many buyers are now searching for local market for properties. Our experts at The Financial Forum are now helping to reduce the stress of the purchase process.

Our team has been working since 1994 to provide Canadians with leading-class mortgage brokerage services. We understand the challenges that homebuyers face when trying to get a mortgage for their potential new home. We can help overcome these challenges by offering experience and guidance within the mortgage application process. Our goal is to simplify mortgage applications for our Scarborough clients.

Why Scarborough Clients Choose The Financial Forum

The mortgage application process can be daunting for those with limited experience. Even those who have been through the process before, find the documentation challenging to complete and often confusing. That’s why so many people now choose our mortgage specialists to help them through this process. We work with both homebuyers who are about to enter the mortgage application process as well as homeowners who are refinancing their properties to ensure they achieve the best rate available on their mortgage. It’s a professional service that has helped our clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars on their homes!

There are many options available to the average homeowner. For example, the Financial Forum can help property owners consolidate their loans so they’re paying just one simple bill each month. This gives clarity and simplicity to the mortgage payment process.

Our Working Process

To help understand how The Financial Forum can help ensure affordable mortgage rates for our clients, it’s first important to learn our working process. This is a communication-based process that allows clients to discuss their goals and challenges with a mortgage specialist. Once our experts have an understanding on the client’s purchase needs, we provide the client the required application forms and then perform a credit check for them to ensure they find a property that is suitable for their unique financial position. Once the credit check is complete, the client will then fill out further required documents to build-up the data on their financials and to support their successful application. As a final step in this process, we can then perform a property assessment before we close the mortgage process and help the client secure their property.

At The Financial Forum, we’re making the mortgage process simple, stress-free, and cost-effective. Whether you’re looking to refinance or take out a mortgage on a new property, you can begin saving money today by contacting The Financial Forum directly at 877-335-4486.

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