Spring is around the corner which means summer is soon to follow. Is your home ready for the warm weather? More specifically, is your backyard ready? Spending time on the patio with family and friends is one of the best summer around. Here are 3 great and fairly affordable additions for your backyard this spring:

1. A new deck or patio:

Depending who you ask, some people will prefer a wooden deck to spend their summer days on and some will prefer an interlock or stone patio to lounge on. Both essentially serve the same purpose with different pros and cons respectively. But the end result is basically the same: a beautiful area to relax on, eat or entertain in your backyard. Adding both visual appeal and usable surface area to your home, a new deck or patio can range dramatically in cost depending on an array of variables like type of material, size, add-ons, DIY or contracting out and difficulty of work. If you are on a budget, you can get a very nice looking space for a relatively low cost and get all the same benefits as a more expensive project.

2. A Shed:

Simple and effective. A shed is used primarily for storage of lawn and other outdoor equipment, patio furniture and garden tools/supplies. You can purchased a pre-fab model or DIY and build your own. Be sure to check your local by-laws and building codes to see if you require any permits and to see the allowed dimensions before you erect a new structure. A shed can save your garage from becoming over crowded with junk and tools, you can use it as a workshop, it makes lawn and garden care easier and is just generally nice to have. Make it look pretty and it can add a nice touch to your yard.

3. A Firepit:camping-70

Nothing like sitting around the fire on a nice clear night with loved ones, roasting marshmallows, spider-dogs and sharing stories or songs. There is something so incredibly relaxing about watching the glow and crackle of a nice fire. This can make for a fun little DIY project one weekend and again the cost can vary from very cheap to as high as you want it to go. You can opt for a nice interlocked area and stone pit with new Muskoka chairs, and a simple iron fire pit and some lawn chairs. You can go for a nice pit to burn wood in or setup for a propane/natural gas burning fire. Build it to your taste and make sure to get lots of usage out of this. Some of the best talks and memories are shared around a fire.


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