Congratulations to our agent, Mr. Jaime Sanchez for another successful seminar presentation and to Toni Reyes and her team for hosing her 33rd annual Real Estate Seminar. It is usually a full house and this year was no exception. Great speakers and always on point. Expecting some new homeowners and investors in 2019. Well done!

Jaime has been with the Financial Forum for about 2 years now but has long and established a background in the financial services industry. Jaime is multi-lingual, has lots of experience, and is a true gentleman with high morals and ethics.

What makes Jaime successful? He gets to know his Clients.  He learns all relevant aspects of his Clients’ financial needs, objectives, goals (and challenges). He knows how to gather this information and how to make his clients feel welcome with professionalism, which gives his Clients confidence.

He educates and advises his Clients on the home buying process, whether it involves a primary residence, investment property or second home and educates his Clients on refinancing options whether for a reduced rate and term, debt consolidation, cash-out, or to obtain a home equity line of credit.

This annual seminar helps to enforce these qualities on a larger scale. Many of the attendees will be meeting with Jaime personally in the near future to discuss their requirements with him one on one.