With all the rain we have been having, and expected, I thought about people who may be faced with a flooded basement problem. Hope it’s not you (or me!!)

Any basement can flood and we have all experienced this or know someone who has. Doesn’t matter where you live or what type of home you have, it can happen.

Basement flooding is not only dependent on where you live. It can be caused by plumbing, sewage leaks and other issues. Most important issue if this happens is safety, which I will get to later. Next would be health. And lastly, the pain in the XX** of getting everything repaired/replaced.

What NOT To Do

Do not walk into the standing water if you see a flood. Yes, the water could be contaminated. However, if there is any exposed electrical wiring or shorting appliance/electrical equipment, you could be “zapped”. Very not good!

Call an electrician as soon as possible to turn off or remove any electrical equipment that may have been exposed to water, before you go down there.

Who Do You Call for a Flooded Basement?

I personally would start with an electrician and a plumber to assess the damage/issue. Then of course, my insurance company to confirm if I have coverage and to what extent.

If you are covered, your insurance company should be able to assist with all the repairs. If not, you need to contact a good contractor to get things organized for you.

I am not any of the above, and unfortunately, not an expert on flooded basements. Just hoping all of you survive the rain of the spring season and that you don’t have to experience this problem.

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