There are pros and cons of living in a condo versus freehold living. Some people like it, some don’t. Some people suit the lifestyle, some just don’t fit into the bracket. But for the select few who swear by their condo lifestyle and live accordingly, right down to the Christmas lights and welcome mat, we present you with 5 surefire ways to know this life is the one for you. Enjoy:

Condo Living

  1. You despise outdoor chores – Whether you don’t have the time, the energy or are just downright lazy; you absolutely love the idea of happily paying your monthly maintenance fees and staying curled up on the couch while someone else shovels your snow. Surely everyone can relate to this on some level, home owners included.
  2. You love the social setting – Sharing an elevator can sometimes be an awkward event (just look forward and hope no one speaks to you), but you are one of the few who enjoy running into Donnie and Marie from the 9th floor and seeing how their aunt Betty is doing, or shooting the breeze with Ross from down the hall at the gym who brings home a new friend every weekend. Whatever the gossip happens to be, you love the camaraderie and the familiar faces.
  3. Amenities in abundance – You can literally go from your bedroom to the gym, grab a coffee and back home to your couch without ever changing your jogging pants. Some well equipped condos have a pool, gym, cafe, computer area and some even have stores on the bottom floor. You like your safe little bubble – which leads us to our next point.
  4. Sense of security – You live in a building with hundreds of other people, a front gate and security guards. Especially if you are living alone, that sense of security can provide you with a whole lot of comfort and you value that a great deal.
  5. You travel a lot and love being able to lock your door and take off. Provided you don’t have any pets (or really fancy plants) that need to be looked after, you can literally just lock it up and travel at will. Don’t have to worry about upkeep of your property, security, newspapers piling up at your front door or any other burden you must look after when leaving your house for a period of time. People who work in the city and travel a lot for work really love that freedom.

So, if the 5 items above describe your mindset then you may want to consider a condo for your next purchase. If you already live in and love your condo, then you can relate to this list. Have some other things you love or maybe don’t like about condo life? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share.

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