The Financial Forum Process

1. We discuss you’re your needs and goals.

We’ll start with a conversation with you about your home financing requirements along with your present and future goals. If there are any obstacles or pressure points, we will listen and work with you to identify solutions. You will speak to one of our agents who will be happy to answer any mortgage questions you may have.

2. Obtain your data (Application) and review your credit.

You will complete an application with the information we require to evaluate and process your mortgage. With your permission, we will also obtain your credit report.

3. Questions and Supporting Documents.

We will deal with any questions and ask you to supply the required supporting documents to facilitate your transaction and closing.

4. Finalize Commitment and Fulfilment Of Conditions.

We will verify the information you provided and order an appraisal of the property if required.

5. Arrange for closing.

With everything now finalized, we arrange the closing.

Together we make mortgages easy!

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