Lou Salvino

Position: President and Founder – Lead Mortgage Broker

Lou is the Founder, President and Lead Mortgage Broker at The Financial Forum. He has worked with a wide range of clients and has been a licensed mortgage broker since 1983.

Over the years, Lou has assisted thousands of clients, from first time buyers to seasoned investors, in making their real estate dreams a reality. He has taken their ideas of real estate acquisition and financing from a simple thought and discussion through to a successful closing and beyond. His expertise ranges from appeasing basic client apprehensions and anxieties to fully developed investment plans and proposals. He has a thorough understanding of what lenders want, and more importantly, what clients need.

Lou is an active member of the mortgage industry and stays in tune with all new developments that are or can be beneficial to clients. This includes everything from products and rates to industry guidelines and technological developments. Development of a strategic investment plan for each specific situation is his strong point and his successful background supports this to the fullest.

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