“Twenty percent of customers coming up for renewal each year will switch lenders to seek a better deal”

Don’t be part of the 80 percent who don’t!


  • Don’t get fooled by your existing lender. Chances are, they will offer to renew your mortgage at an inflated mortgage rate vs. discounted rates that may be available to you.
  • Be smart about it. Have us compare available rates and options available to you from the entire marketplace, not from just one lender. We can guarantee you a rate up to four months in advance of your renewal date, protecting you against rate increases, potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest costs, and improve cash flow.
  • Invest in your Net Worth, not your lender’s.
  • Guess what? Transferring your mortgage to a new lender with better terms and a better interest rate won’t cost you a dime!

If you are 120 days or less from expiry, now is the best time to review and consider options, especially on the interest rate front. Locking in a rate now will secure your position at expiry. If rates should increase, you would be fully protected. If rates should decline, you would still capture the lower rate.  Also, it is a wise time to review your existing equity and its best use.

The process is no cost to you usually takes very little of your time.

I would suggest we set up a time to discuss and review your options and renewal terms. Please let us know if this is something you would wish to arrange.

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