We all have dreams, and for most of us that includes and wonderful retirement. With retirement begs the question; Stay where you are and close to family? Or move away to your paradise and let the family come to you? Regardless of your answer, it’s fun to dream. So here is our list of the 5 most beautiful places to retire in North America. If we missed any, make sure to comment and let us know! Enjoy:

    1. British ColumbiaOne of the most beautiful provinces in all of Canada, ranging from the metropolis area of Vancouver to the northern cottage areas, BC is a wonderful place to spend your glory years. The scenery is breathtaking and the activities are endless. Whether you prefer to be in the city with the Mountains in sight or in cottage country with the Mountains in your backyard – British Columbia is a Canadian paradise.

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    1. North CarolinaWith it’s gorgeous beaches and scenery, senior friendly amenities, southern style charm and historical landmarks – North Carolina is a favourite among many retires. As the baby boomers continue to get closer to retirements, North Carolina is consistently ranked as a fan favourite on these lists. Whether you want the ocean breeze from a beachfront community, a condo in the big city or a retirement condo; NC offers everything you need.
    1. ColoradoA little bit of a surprise entry, but we feel Colorado doesn’t get the love it deserves. The scenery is gorgeous, the local taxes are lower than the USA national average and the list of things to do is endless. If you are able to endure some cold days, the weather is actually pretty consistent and the sun is usually shining. The summers are gorgeous and you have a beautiful mountain view in the backdrop of the skyline. Traffic is very good here and the roads are excellent. If you are into a relaxed environment and a plethora of outdoor activities to keep you busy, Colorado could be a good home for you.

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    1. ArizonaNo retirement list is accurate without Arizona in the top 5. The weather is consistently gorgeous, the air is good and the sun is always shining (on average 286 days per year actually). In addition to the weather, the cost of living is lower than the USA average which is a plus. Golf courses are in abundance and they are beautiful, so you’ll finally be able to become a scratch golfer. You can’t go wrong in Arizona when it comes to retirement.

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  1. FloridaPretty self-explanatory here, Florida has been and always will be the prime location for retirees and everyone’s favourite choice. What are you looking for? Golf, Beaches, Retirement communities, ocean front homes, gorgeous and affordable condos? Florida has them all readily available. Oh, and the weather ain’t so bad either. Really the only problem you might find here is running into your buddy Joe from Woodbridge on the beach.

    Retirement Spots in North America5

    Have some other great retirement areas that we missed or don’t agree with our rankings? Leave your comments below and start the debate! Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and join the discussion there as well. We love to hear from you.

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