The demand for residential mortgages is growing exponentially as home ownership continues to be an integral part of the Canadian Dream.

And at the core of many of these transactions, is a mortgage broker such as The Financial Forum. We are professionals that arrange the financing that transforms these dreams into reality.

We are independent real estate financing professionals that specialize in the organization and placement of residential mortgages. The key word is independent as we originate loans offered by multiple lenders and are not affiliated or partial to any.

Consider us to be your financial matchmaker and liaison to the mortgage market. We work with a variety of lenders to help borrowers find the right loan for them. We do not typically provide the money for the loan. We source the lending institution with a program that meets the borrower’s needs. We guide borrowers through the complex world of mortgage lending – and we work with lenders to match clients to their needs.

The Financial Forum provides borrowers with an expert mentor to navigate the complex mortgage origination process. By offering superior market expertise and direct access to many different loan programs, The Financial Forum provides borrowers the most efficient and cost-effective method of obtaining the right mortgage that meets the consumer’s financial goals and circumstances. Whether it’s purchasing a first home or refinancing an existing home, whether it trading up to a bigger house or scaling back to smaller one, whether it’s buying a vacation home or an investment property, The Financial Forum makes the difference.

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